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Campfire Cozy

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Save 25% with this merch + whiskey bundle. Our Campfire Cozy kit has everything you need to kick back and warm up in the backyard or backcountry. You earned it.


Sherpa Fleece: Stay warm and cozy in our Sherpa Fleece. You'll barely feel the mountain chill wearing this on a brisk morning.

Carabiner Mug: This classic staple of TINCUP drink-ware features a carabiner clip to attach to your backpack or belt loop so you can enjoy TINCUP however and wherever your adventure takes you.

TINCUP Original: The Original TINCUP® Whiskey is a marriage of two great American whiskeys: straight bourbon distilled in Indiana and Colorado single malt, each aged in oak barrels. TINCUP® is a true mountain whiskey: cut to proof with Rocky Mountain water and bottled at an elevation of 5,251 feet. Learn more about this whiskey.

(42% ABV – 84 proof)
Bottle Size: 750ml