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Keep the sun out of your eyes and TINCUP Rye in your cup.


Rye Hat: Stylishly distressed, the Rye Hat offers practical sun protection so that you're always covered on your outdoor adventures.

TINCUP® Rye: Bold and smooth, just like your next adventure. 90 proof, with 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley, this whiskey is distilled and aged for three years, then cut to proof with pure Rocky Mountain water. TINCUP Rye celebrates the American frontier and the original rye recipes of the 1850s that were enjoyed by settlers, mountaineers, and miners. Our straight rye whiskey carries a lingering finish, with a caramel and silky tannic mouthfeel. Learn more about this whiskey.

(45% ABV – 90 proof)
Bottle size: 750ml