Tincup 10 Year Whiskey

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TINCUP® 10 Year is a straight bourbon whiskey cut with Rocky Mountain water. Rested in white American oak barrels with a #3 char for a minimum of 10 years, and bottled at an elevation of 5,251 ft – this is whiskey at its peak.

The dark amber spirit has aromas of cinnamon, pine, honey and freshly cut grass with notes of sweet pepper, leather and raisins with a caramel and biscuit finish.

(42% ABV – 84 proof) 
Bottle size: 750ml


Color: Dark Amber Hue
Nose: Cinnamon, pine, honey, freshly cut grass
Palate: Sweet pepper, leather, and raisins
Finish: Caramel and biscuits

Best enjoyed neat. Mix it up in a whiskey-forward cocktail like The Rockies.

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